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Nancy Gedge and David Cameron on keeping children at the forefront of what we do – Summer Shorts 5 – PP129


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This is the fifth week of the Pivotal Podcast Summer Shorts.

The Pivotal Podcast has always been about bringing you inspirational moments to inspire from educational experts. Sometimes we have to cut parts of interviews out due to time contraints so this week I have been back through what’s on the cutting room floor. I’ve found a couple of excellent examples of snippets from two of our favourite guests which would otherwise have be lost.

Nancy Gedge
Nancy Gedge

The first clip is from award-winning blogger, teacher and parent, Nancy Gedge and the second is from presenter, trainer, consultant and former Director of Childrens’ Services, ‘The Real’ David Cameron. They speak about very different aspects of education and safeguarding but the commom thread is the importance of keeping children at the forefront of everything we do.

David Cameron
David Cameron
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