Ollie Frith

Ollie Frith B.A. (Hons) 
Principal Trainer and Head of Training

Ollie Frith: Head of Training

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Ollie is a Teacher, Trainer, Facilitator and Performer. Following his theatre degree at St Mary’s University, Ollie taught Performing Arts and Drama in secondary schools as well as co-founding a Street Theatre Company Absolute Characters. Ollie then set up an education company delivering inspiring and motivational workshops for students in Primary and Secondary schools and FE colleges.

Having worked in a multitude of educational settings, with a whole range of different learners; from the highly motivated to the most challenging and layered students. Ollie has always continued to develop work in independent learning as well as student engagement.  Ollie has spent over 15 years working in challenging schools developing approaches to improve the way adults communicate with learners.

Ollie has been Head of Training at Pivotal since 2016,  where he has been developing a highly competent and progressive training team. Ollie has also been contributing to the evolution of the Pivotal Curriculum and the Pivotal online platform. Ollie also manages to fit in time to deliver training in Behaviour, Teacher as Performer, Restorative Approaches and Learner Engagement as well as ensuring he keeps a foot in the classroom by creating opportunities to still work with children.

In his spare time, Ollie enjoys performing as a street entertainer and has found doing this a helpful way to further develop rapport skills and intuitive responses. Most recently, Ollie has completed his FA Level 1 coaching qualification, and now coaches an Under 13’s girl football team. Being a trained performer, Ollie has a lively and energetic approach to his training.  Ollie believes that through positive rapport and thoughtful communication, great things can be achieved.

Key Areas:

  • Primary, Secondary, FE and Undergraduate behaviour management training
  • Leadership, Influence and Culture shift
  • Rapport, Relationships and Reciprocity
  • Motivation and Performance

“Behaviour from a different viewpoint. He was so enthusiastic and delivered the session very well and was engaging and because of that I learnt a lot. The training taught me a lot and I found it really valuable. Ollie was really great at delivering the training. Look forward to any future training run by Pivotal.”

Megan Buncombe

“The training performed by Ollie was extremely helpful for my personal development. It helped me to see my own shortcomings on Behaviour Management. The delivery of the training was excellent and he was willing to listen to opinions of others.”

Christine Evans