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One Month In

Samantha Payne: Events Administrator

This week’s guest blog is written by Samantha Payne, the new Events Administrator. Here she reflects on her first month at Pivotal:

“I have been with the Pivotal team for over a month now as an Events Administrator and how quickly time has flown!

In January I followed my gut feeling and decided my time at University had come to an end. I knew that I wanted a new challenge and was eager to get out into the working world.

One month later I was fortunate enough to get an interview at Pivotal Education, and instantly knew that this was a company I wanted to work for. My main aim was to grow with and to further my knowledge in the education sector, and to see a different side to events.

From my first day here, I have been made to feel welcome and instantly part of the Pivotal team. No matter how many questions asked or the odd time I forget to a small step to do in a procedure, the team will always come and help. Every day walking into the office there is always a positive energetic vibe (this week as i’m writing this,  I suspect it’s been helped largely by the warm spring weather which has arrived!). Thinking about this being my first full time job since leaving University, I am thankful that I got lucky with such a great company.

Looking forward, I am excited to attend my first training day where I get to travel to a conference or a course, and experience a different side of Pivotal where I see the trainers hard at work. It’s also a great way to meet those who attend our growing number of events.

I can’t wait to reflect on this time next year and see how far i’ve come, seeing myself grow within the company and watching the organisation itself grow, helping more schools and children each day.”

Looking to attend Pivotal training or a one day conference? Visit our events page here for a full list of courses and locations near you. Email if you would like any further information. 

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