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Pivotal Updates

As we reach October half term (and a warm welcome back for our Scottish schools after their holidays) we thought we would share some of the highlights of the autumn term so far:

“My career is a string of people telling me I can’t do something, and then, finding myself just utterly determined to prove them wrong.”

Over the summer, Paul Dix visited the USA to spread the word about Pivotal Education. There he went on CPI’s podcast Unrestrained, and caught up with host Terry Vittone.  Click here to listen to Episode 57: Effective Strategies for Culture Change in the Classroom. 

Pivotal Flare

On Monday, 3rd September, 14 schools and colleges from across the world joined together to take part in our virtual Pivotal Flare INSET. The office was a hive of activity from 7.30 am setting up for Paul Dix delivering a 90 minute key note live.

@GillE, who took part in Pivotal Flare said:

“The training was inspirational… as SLT we liked how staff were directed to take down old class rules, wall directions, displays etc. Our staff wanted to try out daily handshakes, recognition boards, 30 second scripts and phone calls/texts to parents. We feel behaviour wise, it’s the best start to a new year we’ve ever had!”

Hot Choc Friday

A big day at St. John’s. The first ever hot chocolate Friday #HotChocFri @pauldixtweets @PivotalEd

Lots of you have shared your photos of Hot Choc Friday- with many schools sharing their first ever ones! We’ve enjoyed seeing them all and spreading lots of “over and above” behaviour. Here are a few photographs to inspire you.

All ready for Caldecote’s first ever Hot Choc Friday with the Headteacher #HotChocFri

Recognition Board Competition

We announced an exciting NEW competition to find the best Recognition Boards in the country (and beyond!). Don’t forget to send us your pictures and tag @pivotaled or @pivotaljom to enter. The closing date for entries is Friday 26th October, and the winner will be announced on Friday 3rd November. (Read more here) 

St Joseph’s St Bede’s

If you are interested in learning more how Pivotal can support you or your organisation,  give us a ring on 020 7000 1375 or email [email protected]

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