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Pivotal’s FREE resources- contributed by you!

Jo Marychurch: Marketing and Communications Executive

Did you know that part of our wide ranging Behaviour Management Resource Bank includes a whole section dedicated to original content, created by you?

Previously as part of our Behaviour Management Online Courses, delegates were asked to create resources to help support staff in their settings. These excellent resources, used in their own classrooms are packed full of advice, suggestions, handy activities and more. There are examples of posters, flyers, behaviour contracts, reports, positive notes and articles.

You can take a look at all the contributions here

We thought we would share with you the top 10 most visited resources:


  1. Behaviour Management: Advice to new school Librarians, contributed by Sarah Davies
  2. YOYOB: You Own Your Own Behaviours, contributed by Miriam Bysshe
  3. Reward chart for KS3, contributed by Elizabeth Iles
  4. Circle Time: Relationship Building, Problem Solving, contributed by David Hetherington.
  5. A Strategy for Managing and Monitoring Behaviour, contributed by Matt McKenzie
  6. Clever Comebacks for Reluctant Learners, contributed by anon.
  7. Some Useful Behaviour Management Tips for an LSA Working with EBD, contributed by Ruth Cottam
  8. Establishing Ground Rules, contributed by Heather O’Donnell
  9. An example Behaviour Policy, contributed by Katrina Wynter
  10. Procedure for Non Compliance, contributed by Claire Prescott

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed and created these resources. Please note that these resources have been created when completing the Pivotal Education’s online Taking Care of Behaviour course. The views in this document do not necessarily represent the views of Pivotal Education Ltd.

For more information about our online courses and other training for individual teachers please click here.

Here at Pivotal we really love to see how the Pivotal practice is embedded in your setting. If there’s something you’re particularly proud of and want to share with us, we’d love to see it! Email it to us at [email protected] 

We leave you with this marvellous Pivotal Tip:

High Expectations Tip 1: Catch learners doing the right thing… First. Every day.

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