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At Pivotal Education we have been inspired by the way many schools and colleges are starting to successfully involve their learners in peer led behaviour projects. Effectively involving learners in the positive culture of the school is the key to success for establishing and embedding a positive behaviour policy.

This is a really simple way to involve learners in managing behaviour around the school site. The box is full of ideas and suggestions that you can implement and use to set up your own ‘Behaviour Stars’ project.

What’s in the box?
– Your Behaviour Stars positive note box
– 8 Positive notes for learners and visitors (800 sheets – A5 size)
– 7 Behaviour Stars medals
– 21 Ready, Respectful, Safe Wristbands
– Information booklets for each classroom

There are enough resources for 7 classrooms. You can purchase additional class packs here or below.

We also offer Positive Notes refills.

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Use Pivotal’s Behaviour Box to award Learners for going over and above and also allow your students to engage with the project by activatly recommending their fellow peers. Doing this allows a simple way for learners to be involved in managing theirs and others behaviour within the organisation environment.

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