Online Course: Consistent, Calm Adult Behaviour (Pillar 1)


Consistent, calm adult behaviour is a self-paced online behaviour management course.

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This is the first of our Five Pillars courses. Click here if you’d like to do all five courses, or take this course as stand-alone training.

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Consistent, calm adult behaviour is the first of the five Pillars of Pivotal Practice and arguably the most important.

This 3-hour online course looks at how you can take control of your own behaviour before you attempt to take control of anyone else’s.  It gives you tools by which to create consistency across your own practice and across the approach of your whole team.

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This course is an essential part of any teacher’s professional development and an outstanding addition to any staff induction programme.

This course is suitable for teachers in primary, secondary and FE, teaching assistants, cover supervisors, other practitioners working with children and young people. This course is accessible for teachers worldwide.

The course is live and self-paced – so you can start training yourself in a matter of minutes. If you would like to pay for and start this course immediately, please click here and purchase through the online course portal to ensure instant access.

NB: This gives you 1 months access to the course. After the month you can renew your subscription monthly for £10 + vat per month.


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