Taking Care of Behaviour for Parents


Pivotal’s approach to behaviour is available in an online course for parents.


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Behaviour causing problems at home? Improve the behaviour of your children in just 5 steps…

Our online course – Taking Care of Behaviour will enable you to drastically improve the behaviour of your children.  Paul Dix will take you through five key steps, giving you practical strategies and techniques that you can try out straight away.

During this course we will teach you how to maintain your own discipline when dealing with children (whether 5 or 17) who have lost theirs. We will look at how to sustain a poker face in the midst of chaos, how to influence the behaviour of your children, how to use positive reinforcement to everyone’s benefit and how to manage and de-escalate difficult confrontations.  We will demonstrate how to reward without spending money, how to teach behaviour to children who have never properly learnt to behave before and how to hold firm boundaries without laying your relationship on the line. Most importantly, we show parents how to move through the eye of the storm without giving up.

The course is live – so you can start training yourself in a matter of minutes. If you would like to pay for and start this course immediately, please click this link and purchase through the online course portal to ensure instant access.

After 2 months you can renew month by month for just £10 + vat per month. If you are from a school or college and want to talk to us about purchasing places in bulk, then contact us for prices and details about how to get started.


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