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Register now for the new Pivotal App

The team at Pivotal is very excited to announce the launch of our new app.

Through the app you can access free behaviour resources, articles and tips, listen to episodes of the Pivotal Podcast, earn digital badges, browse the Pivotal shop, keep up to date with Pivotal news and receive notifications about new events, products and special offers.

If you are a Pivotal Instructor, you can also access the Instructor resources, discussion forums, checklists, data tools and online units.

We are reducing the emails we send out to you through this mailing list. You’ll still get the tips, but to keep up to date with Pivotal training and resources, you’ll need to download the app.

Over the summer holidays we have restocked the Pivotal Shop!  We have loads of new stuff for teachers and classroom resources including: ‘Assertive Lanyards’, ‘Postcards Home’, ‘T-Shirts’, ‘Behave Yourself Mugs’, ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe Posters’ and ‘Over & Above Wristbands’.

I’d like to particularly draw your attention to the Behaviour Stars Box, which gives you lots of resources and ideas about how to give some responsibility for behaviour over to the learners.

We hope you had a great summer.
If you’d like any more information about of our behaviour support and training services, please do reply to this email, call us on 020 70001735 or contact us through our website.
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