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Stick to the routine

Written by Paul Dix.

Your first term as a new teacher started brilliantly. You had some ideas on how to manage behaviour but put them aside as it seemed they wouldn’t be needed. The children responded to you immediately and were thoroughly engaged in what you were teaching. Putting aside your behaviour plan you began to think that you were one of the chosen ones, a natural born teacher. It seemed that great behaviour just happened for you and you laughed off colleagues who warned of a ‘honeymoon period’. Then the magic wore off. The chaos began. They wouldn’t listen to you when you called for quiet, they were embarrassingly wriggly in assembly and you have heard concerned grumblings about the noise level in your room. In less than a week, a beautifully curious and engaged Year 5 class have broken bad. Ryan has stopped working and started questioning, “Do I really need to do this Miss? Miss have you got a boyfriend? Miss is penis a rude word?” Tyrone won’t come in from play, “I aint comin’ though (lengthy teeth kissing)”, and Monica has sprayed herself with fake tan and looks like an unwrinkled Dale Winton. The fascination of a new teacher has created a false dawn. How do you reset behaviour and build the firm base that you should have set from day 1?

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