Many thanks again for offering me the opportunity to share the policy with you and for your feedback, I really appreciate your input.

Chrissie Palmer
The Read School

Hot Choc Friday Testimonial

I just wanted to e-mail to say thank you to Pivotal for the behaviour healthcheck.  Alastair’s professionalism and attitude towards both staff and pupils was amazing.  I really felt that he ‘got’ us as a school and his advice was very sensible and realistic.  I look forward to reading the report and putting some of the actions he has suggested into place.

Daniella Cook
Castleford Academy

​The free resources are excellent for reinforcing our whole school approach to behaviour. We use them as part of individual and whole staff training. They are a fantastic set of resources and would strongly recommend other schools to utilise them. Teachers here have highlighted how the resources made them reflect on their own practice and develop their skills in managing individual and whole class behaviours.

Rob Hacking
Leopold Primary School

Thank you to Ollie and Mike for inspiring the staff at the college in a non confrontational approach. The delivery was engaging and gave staff the opportunity to reflect and set goals for the new academic year.

Nicola Gooderson
Peterborough Regional College

Fantastic training that is so relevant to the current climate within schools and a great tool to support staff in their confidence to help children with challenging behaviours.

Paige Milbery
Benson Community school

W O W! Pushed beyond our personal limits - we were all made to feel that our potential was absolutely achievable for the benefit of all. I came away feeling enthused, enthralled and ready to take on the world - absolutely brilliant couple of days. Ollie knew how to get the best out of us and his attention to detail was wonderful. A dedicated team of people willing to share all their experiences to demonstrate how good learning behavior is experienced. Thank you so much - I only wish everyone might have the chance to attend.

Tish Cooney
Programme Leader Teacher Training and Quality

Exceptionally high quality training with attention to every aspect of our stay for the training, from helping us to develop our presentation style to reminding us what a very special profession we are in, and giving us a little treat of staying somewhere so beautiful too. Every child needs their school to have this training.

Becky Humphreys

The whole experience was truly inspirational. It was fantastic to meet and work with everyone who was there. I have taken so many ideas away with me to help develop both the school and myself. Thank you again for a truly amazing experience. I would recommend this course to everyone.

Kelly McNulty
Assistant Director of Sport

Re-ignites your passion for teaching, managing challenging staff members and students. Trains you to plan whole school culture change focusing on the adult behaviours rather than becoming entrenched in poor student behaviour.

Jemma Harris
Folkestone Academy

The training encourages you to be reflective, creative and ignites your passion for teaching all over again. The trainers are non-judgmental, inspirational and understanding of the pressures working in education presents

Jemma Harris
Folkestone Academy

The training empowered me to have a more positive approach to behaviour management and built my confidence in positive techniques.Thank you Paul, it was a really comfortable session with lots of useful tips to take away

Rachel EqualiTeach

Both trainers were engaging and friendly. The training was interesting and I found that I was able to think of ways to add what I had learnt to my prior knowledge and experience from other settings.

Premier Pathways

The session was engaging and informative, Mike was engaging, knowledgable about the subject and with a personal twist which made him more approachable. He didn't just preach to us. Very enjoyable! Thanks Mike!

Emma – Pembridge Hall School
Pembridge Hall School

The most relevent and inspirational training session ive been to. It was very relevant and nessary to my carrer. The trainer was passionate and knowledgeable.

Bex – Premier Pathways
Premier Pathways

Direct and concise presentation; a great refresher and reminder of how effective positivity is when managing behavours. A positive and engaging speaker too!

L Meakin
Tendring Technology college

There were lots of practical tips to use in classrooms, plenty of opportunity for us to ask questions and the session was structured around our needs and issues. The practical training sparked my imagination for inventive behaviour management

Laura Richardson

Both trainers were enthusiastic, engaging and clearly spoke from a wealth of knowledge and experience.The training, particularly that concerning behaviour management, was both enlightening and reassuring.

Jamie Russell
Premier Pathways

The training was thorough, engaging and extremely motivating. Paul and Hannah were both very charming, thought-provoking speakers with a terrific way of delivering the content.

Oliver Cook
Premier Pathways

The training was great. engagement was the most vital aspect for me as I found the day very stimulating and entertaining. The course reassured me of all the reasons that I wanted to become a teacher in the first place, absolutely brilliant and worth while! It was worth getting up at 4am to drive 3 hours!

Brooke Butler
Premier Pathways

I found the trainers to be very engaging (especially Paul) and have already used some of the techniques they taught on my first day. Overall, it was a very good introduction to the life of a teacher and I am very pleased I attended before starting at my school.

Richard Levens
Premier Pathways

I found the day to be highly energetic and kept me engaged throughout. I learnt a great deal and feel more confident about tackling challenging situations calmly and professionally.

Hazel Millar
Premier Pathways

Darrell obviously had practical experience in the area he was discussing; he was vibrant, lively and engaged with staff in the room to include us in the session. The training session provided very useful ideas about behaviour management that can be taken forward into the classroom.

Tendring Technology college

Difficult content but absolutely necessary and well delivered, we had this trainer last year and I was hoping we would get him again. Exceptional!

Rebecca Pagan
Pembridge Hall School

Our session led by Darrell was extremely motivating. As well as giving us new ideas he also made us look at ourselves and this led to some excellent self evaluation where we could see where things are going wrong currently. I loved some of the ideas he introduced and really hope we take them on in our current setting. Usually dread training days but this was lively, interesting and very informative.

Kerry Cussons
Skegness Academy

Very good. He had a good blend of delivery of knoweldge, humour and engaged with the staff extremely well to show them that they do know it and can do it.

Steven Kemshall
Skegness Academy

It was great to hear that lots of the strategies that I already use are deemed a good way to work. I also found lots of elements thought provoking and has really made me go away and think about the triggers for student behavior. It was a great refresher for me - I have been teaching 17 years and so may be a little rusty!

Gill Miles
Priory School

The trainer was able to make me think more clearly about my most challenging pupils. I felt that he had an deep understanding of behaviour for learning.

Angela McManamon
St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

The training provided a good opportunity to reflect on and to prepare for a shared and committed approach to developing effective techniques to learn behaviours.

Jeremy Lloyd
Cambridge Regional College

Paul was knowledgeable and was able to relate to our situation effectively. He was extremely engaging with all participants and used everyone's experience and expertise well. Paul was clear, concise and effective in creating our blueprint to make a rapid change in our academy.

Steve Kemshall
Skegness Academy

Overall the training was much better than most training days in school and genuinely useful. Paul W was entertaining and knowledgable which was refereshing to look at.

Paul Tereszczak
Skegness Academy

I have been really impressed by Pivotal Education, having worked with Paul Dix and others in the Pivotal team, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. They have great values, good advice and really useful and practical ideas. I am delighted that they are now working in Scotland

The Real David Cameron

I just wanted to say that the training yesterday was excellent. Mike Armiger is a very engaging person, with so many practical solutions to behaviour issues. Staff are buzzing with ideas and what they want to do now, with the suggestions he made. I was stopped in the corridor earlier, by one of our more cynical members of staff, who wanted to tell me how much she got from the day and with thoughts of how she is going to use aspects of the training in her own classroom!Please pass on my thanks to Mike and Jane.I would highly recommend this [Lift!] package for any school.

Headteacher in a Welsh school

@PivotalEd completed my first staff training session today! Went really well! And the smiley face exercise worked 😂lots of positive feedback

Leanne Till

I would just like to say how fantastic both Helen and Mike were in delivering this unit. Mike was so brave to open up about his own experiences with mental health, and this made him the perfect person to deliver the unit.

Lucy Catherall

On the first day after Steve's training I saw an impact in the Academy.  I attended (as unobtrusively as possible) a restorative conversation between a teacher and a student, with the intention of feeding back to the teacher afterwards.  What I witnessed was an utter transformation.  The restorative 'script' was used faultlessly, not the exact words but the tone and approach. The teacher and the student have never had a positive relationship but by the end of the conversation they were smiling at each other and exchanging sincere pleasantries.  After the student went on his way, having understood what he had done wrong and what damage his behaviour had caused, but also immeasurably strengthening his relationship with the teacher in the process, the only — and most apt — feedback I could think of giving the teacher was a cuddle.

Craig Griffiths
Oasis Academy Arena

Dear Paul [Woodward],I wanted to offer a sincere thank you for the inset you delivered yesterday.Meeting you, hearing your professional journey and the stories was thought provoking and refreshing. I admired the fact that you were so genuine, so real about the early years, the challenges that we've all endured, and got stuck into the nitty gritty reality of teaching in the current climate we find ourselves in.I'm a story teller, find characters in children - and must confess throw pens (but not as projectiles); mine are for owning praises/concerns on the board.You had a fantastic positive energy, and I don't how you kept going like a AAA Duracell in the arctic hall, but bravo!Thank you for a most memorable inset. My quote of the day was 'Ready is in the room'. I love it!Mine has been 'let's cut the umbilical cord' in my drive to foster independence. I feel kids are too needy! But you made me realise, it's rather more complicated. To foster independence, I must work on resilience - by always having my hand out and ready. That I must perhaps 'Use ready with a bungee cord - celebrating the little rebounds'.I feel like you restored my faith in the profession, helped me find my mojo again, and most importantly have left me inspired.I've classes to teach, a path to forge, and I'm hoping to do it with a calmer, more positive me (teacher, parent, and as a partner).You're magic and should be bottled, keep up the great work!

Prendergast Vale School

A really inspirational training session that can be now used as the foundation stone for changing mindset and improving our response to unwanted behaviour.

Clare Symonds
St John's C of E Academy

Kerry was fantastic, first day after the holidays and with one difficult teacher in the group! She responded amazingly well to that difficult situation! Kerry was brilliant in the delivery of Pivotal to potentially sceptical people. I would like to thank her very much.

Lynn Pugh N.N.E.B

An informative and interesting introduction to the Pivotal approach to behaviour management. Kerry was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.

Robert Stock

Tara had the charisma and smarts to carry a difficult audience with her and to make us all think & engage


Tara was an excellent trainer, she used her own examples to highlight things and kept the audience gripped, she used humour and fact to help us learn new skills, she was very knowledgeable and approachable

Anonymous Testimonial

Excellent trainer, knowledgeable, responsive, credible

Mandy Brindle

The trainer was awesome and very good at his work,great job. In general i honestly loved the whole session.

Ombuni Kennedy Obalah

Paul Woodward was hands - on, proactive and effusive trainer who connected really well with us. It was a very helpful session and I learnt many effective strategies to manage behaviour in my own classroom. I hope it can be an annual training or Pivotal can regularly share the latest trends in the field.

“Daniel Makanda “

The training day was so refreshing and interesting. The trainer was experienced and gave useful practical points to help in dealing with behaviour issues.

Nancy Muriuki

Paul W was very accommodative expert and Knowledgeable in his area of expertise. The day was well planned with clear sequence of activities.

Kevin Nicholas Were

Steve is an expert in his field and very accessible. The focus was to reflect further upon our practice in order to meet the rapidly changing needs and demands of young learners in the 21st Century. There were numerous highly relevant tips and pieces of advice on which we will act and thereby make success inevitable.

Liam D Powell
Manor High School, Leicester

A definite "game changer". The training was Dynamic, knowledgeable and passionate about how to positively change student behaviour.


The training was an eye opener! The day was well taken care of with activities running as planned. Paul Woodward was engaging and showed good understanding of the content.

Silas Ochola

A worth while day that exposed us to new learning techniques in the classroom. Well equipped with knowledge and skill related to the course.

Lucy mwangi

Paul W' passion and enthusiasm was infectious- he really knew his subject and it was entirely child-centred, with the emphasis on the positive- a good reminder as it's easy to focus on the negative. Really good timing for the start of the year and I've reflected on it every day since- especially when I can feel the negativity seeping in to a long, trying day. I left the training feeling energised and determined to catch them being good!

Tracey Russell

Great training session! Smoothly run and information has sunk in well due to the engagement of the trainor. It was informative and refreshed information learnt about new areas.

Stephanie Collett

Barry Stay was fantastic, he made a very hard topic enjoyable and his knowledge(and experience) was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed this course.


I just wanted to drop you a message to say a massive thank you! I am a relatively new primary school LSA (my second year and at my second school) working in year 6 and doing lunchtime duty. At both schools, I have received very little guidance on how to manage behaviour and ensure consistency. I discovered you when Julia Skinner came on the podcast. Since then, I have started to work my way through all your podcasts at every spare minute of the day (so far at 67 as well as the most recent 6 weeks) putting your tips and ideas into place with immediate effect. I can't tell you how this has turned my ability and confidence around with some really satisfying results and improved my relationships with the most tricky kids. The restorative questions are on the back of my lanyard and used frequently. Just today, I set up a 'wall of fame' to counter balance the teacher's list of 'lost golden timers'. I also love the three questions for reflection and can see that it will be useful for some of those kids who struggle to make and keep friendships. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Ollies humor and presentations kept me entertained! Steve was kind, helpful and put us at ease before during and after our presentations! Helen made me feel welcome on arrival!

Pivotal Instructor Training

Training team were engaging and constructive in their feedback. Feel I have learnt valuable skills. Thank you

Pivotal Instructor Training

Very happy with the training support throughout the 2 days. Steve was extremely helpful and down to earth, Ollie humorous and Helen informative. Thank you.

Pivotal Instructor Training

The whole training team were very supportive. They took time to explain the processes and were flexible in their delivery allowing delegates the opportunity to question and offer their experiences.

Pivotal Instructor Training

Time Out: this is a great way to speak 1:1 with pupils, it’s an opportunity to talk them out of any potential negative environment or mind frame they may have been in, and away from any potential audience. It allows me to calmly speak with pupils and both enforce my expectations whilst letting the pupils see they are part of the process... ‘What can we do to resolve this... I really want you to participate, do you want to be part of the group? If so, let’s change this or that and resolve the issue....’ It’s an ideal opportunity to praise previous positives you've noticed and to distract from current negatives – it enables a fresh start.

Tom H
Christ's School

Thanking students who are already sitting quietly, rather than 'telling off' students who are currently talking, is a much quicker and more effective way to get the whole class quiet.

Helen H
Christ's School

A restorative conversation allows the student to focus on their behaviour as opposed to a punishment - over time this can lead to a gradual improvement in Behaviour for Learning. Ready, Respectful, Safe enables a clear and consistent focus for BfL across the school. I can ask a student if they are demonstrating RRS behaviour (which they understand), this can lead naturally into a restorative conversation.

Christ's School

Meet and Greet is a lovely way to start each lesson as I can gauge immediately the mood of each student as they come in.

Christ's School

Praising pupils who are working well exemplifies expectations while refocusing those pupils who may be off task.

Tom B
Christ's School

The focus on first attention for best conduct has really made me focus on praising the vast majority of students who always do the right thing. The two key elements of behaviour management are consistency and building positive relationships with students. The Ready Respectful Safe focus has helped us to be more consistent and supportive of each other as colleagues AND spend more time focusing on good behaviour with students as well as discussing any potential issues with them before they escalate.

Christ's School

I really like the succinct values of Ready, Respectful, Safe. No student can disagree with them and they make a great opener to any conversation about behaviour in school. They provide a positive springboard for aspiring to better things rather than forever saying "thou shalt not..."

Christ's School

‘Respectful’ - by encouraging students to be polite, courteous, to show and give respect to each other, provides a good learning environment for us all, plus supports me to manage the students in a professional manner.

Christ's School

All members of staff have commented on how powerful the training was. It was pitched at the right level for all staff and will drive our discussions this year regarding behaviour management.Thank you so much for organising.

Alison Hughes
Bridges Federation

Excellent training giving first hand experience to demonstrate effective behaviour management strategies. Paul is an enthusiastic, experienced trainer whom is passionate about the future of our youngsters.

Nia Roberts
Ysgol Yr Hafod

Paul is an energetic, passionate and entertaining individual who greatly enjoys his work! I liked it so much I signed up for the Pivotal Instructor Training!

Sara Williams
Ysgol Yr Hafod

I very much enjoyed the day, it was good to hear someone passionate about improving behaviour in a positive manner. I felt I was on the same wavelength having started to implement a restorative approach in my previous school. I think the toughest job is to convince staff that this is the right way to manage behaviour - this training should be made mandatory for all staff and all schools if we are to make any headway!!

Rhian Jones
Ysgol Yr Hafod

Inspirational, refreshing and exciting. It reminded me of all the good aspects of my job. Darrell was outstanding, funny, motivational, engaging and helpful.

Carmel College

The training was very informative and challenged my existing views of behaviour management. Ollie was knowledgeable and entertaining, with a good use of voice to maintain interest. Information was put across in a friendly manner even though some of it seemed contrary to my current understanding and practices. Well worth attending.

David Rowlands
Ysgol Deganwy

This training is an essential toolkit for everyone working with children - informative, thought-provoking and practical. Ollie knew his stuff - he had 'been there and done it' - and his enthusiasm was infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed the way in which Ollie provided insight into behaviour patterns from the child's point of view. It has got me thinking about changes we need to make in our own behaviour.

Paula Jones
Ysgol Deganwy

This was the best training session that I have ever been on, it was informative, inspiring and motivational.

Patricia Kubie
North Nottinghamshire College

I would have enjoyed an even longer session, Darrell made it very enjoyable and was probably the best trainer I've come across.

Danielle Guest
North Nottinghamshire College

I found the training day very useful and enjoyable. Mike is very passionate about his work and this shows in how he delivers the training.

Sian Oldham
Wistaston Academy Trust

A really useful training session that has taught me skills that I will now use throughout my career.

Hanna Blakeman
Wistaston Academy Trust

I found the training to be inspirational and in fact life changing in the way we approach behaviour management. I am so proud and humble to now be a Pivotal instructor, I can't wait to spread the message across college.

Sara Davies
Bridgend College

Oldham Sixth Form College - The whole event was outstanding from start to finish. It was wonderful to meet so many like-minded people with such passion and enthusiasm - this was from both the trainers, the Year 2 instructors and the new instructors. I've learnt so much and I can't wait to roll this out to our whole staff - it's going to have such an impact.

Louise Astbury
Teaching and Learning

The Pivotal sessions provide a refreshing approach to CPD that has challenged me to refine my delivery and make better use of research based practice. I returned to school in a buoyant mood ready to prepare for the September launch of the Pivotal curriculum at my school

Oliver Naylor
The Archer Academy

The trainers established rapport with the group very quickly and delivered the material effectively. They ensured that everyone's ideas were heard and incorporated into the sessions.

Paul James
SLE with HART Alliance

The whole course was excellent. The training team and the quality of delivery in all areas was superb. I will be strongly recommending this course to others.

Alastair Burnett
The Elmgreen School

The best thing about the training was being able to be totally immersed in the materials and discuss with other 'pivotal people' how they were embedding the curriculum in their school. Investing in Pivotal Instructor training has been the best use of our CPD budget because its meant we have kept up the momentum on embedding the Pivotal Curriculum

Sarah Kieran
Christ's School

The training was inspirational and enthusing and gave us lots of practical tips on how to deliver the curriculum to the staff

Lucy Brazier
Pembrokeshire College

The training was dynamic and varied, professional and yet allowed for personal insights and reflection

Hew Fuller
Pembrokeshire College

I wanted to say thank you for the Pivotal weekly podcast.  I changed jobs recently and have been spending 2 1/2 hours each day commuting.  To make good use of some of that time, I've been listening to your whole podcast series - typically one per day.  I've now listened over 100 podcasts! In fact, many of them I've listened to twice!  Thanks for making my journeys interesting and enjoyable.  You are doing a fantastic job.  Long may it continue.

Ron Turford

The whole event was outstanding from start to finish. It was wonderful to meet so many like-minded people with such passion and enthusiasm - this was from both the trainers, the Y2 instructors and the new instructors. I've learnt so much and I can't wait to roll this out to our whole staff - it's going to have such an impact.

Louise Astbury
Teaching and Learning

Investing in Pivotal Instructor training has been the best use of our CPD budget.

Sarah Kieran

A great training session, Barry was an excellent trainer with fantastic knowledge disseminated in just the right way for our needs.

Mark Breedon
Basingstoke College of Technology

Our trainer was entertaining, exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. He was a personification of the phrase 'been there done that got the t-shirt'.

Liz Jones

I throughly enjoyed the training. The subject can sometimes be so draining and intensem but it was brought alive. It was fun, active and most certainly showed me a different way of looking at someone with behavoural problems. Our trainer was energetic, fun and straight to the point, full of the right information and clearly an expert in the subject.

Kelly Silverthorne

I felt very positive and motivated after the session. It reinforced some of the things I was already doing so made me feel I was on the right tracks.

Maria Thorne
Basingstoke College of Technology

Our trainer was an inspirational, knowledgeable and humorous man. Barry Stay kept everyone engaged all day, his sense of humour and informative ideas were brilliant.

Dawn Warrell

The training was a welcome reminder of important key factors in relation to behaviour managment. Mike was enthusiastic in his approach, obviously knowledgable and keen to deliver this to others.

Jo Kitt
Saltersgate School

I have enjoyed wearing my 30 day pledge tag since the training, my learners have asked about it many times, and it has definitely resulted in better co-operation between the learners and myself.

Martin Hodgson
Leeds College of Building

I found this course invaluable. Everything stated and the ideas around rules and sanctions make so much sense. It has given me the confidence to go into classrooms and teach teachers and TAs how to deal with behaviour in a positive manner, as well as how to keep children in the classroom rather than send them out!

Sam Wild
West Sussex Alternative Provision College

Thank you Pivotal Podcast for helping me become a half marathon finisher and a better teacher in a very tough year! Keep up the good work because I'm aiming for marathon next!

Alice O’Sullivan

April's course with Ollie has had a significant impact on my practice and that of my school.  I was already reviewing our behaviour systems, but I came away from the day with a much clearer idea of how best to drive improvement.  I have rewritten our policy and documentation with 'dignity', 'positive reinforcement' and 'consistency' at their core.  I've had a team of teaching and non-teaching staff trialling several key techniques, including 'meet & greet', '3:1' and restorative conversations.  Following this trial I have launched our new strategy with staff at the start of this term; staff have given very positive feedback about this approach.  All teaching staff now are trialling these techniques and feedback is very positive.  We will have a full launch (including students and parents) in September.  I can see this having a positive and lasting impact on relationships and students' attitudes towards their learning.

Andy Jarrett
The Henry Box School

'I think this school's upgraded this year, Miss......everyone's a bit tighter on things, aren't they? They all say the same stuff ........ it's good'​

Jessie, Year 10
Christ's School, Richmond

Since the launch of Pivotal Education at Hugh Myddelton in January 2016, there has been an 85% reduction in behaviour incidents!We firmly believe that the key to success is consistency of approach and adult behaviour. If you are all on board then it works.  Hugh Myddelton is proof of that.Thanks to the continued professional support from the Pivotal team, I am confident that our behaviour will be outstanding in no time!

Annabel LaMoine
Hugh Myddleton Primary School

Paul Dix made me laugh, cry and laugh again (and actually broke me at one point) with his insights into developing behaviour by taking counter-intuitive actions. The guy is an authentic thought leader and every school should have Pivotal Education in for training. End of.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

[Paul Dix delivered] a high-octane powerhouse of a session on behaviour management and its counter-intuitive nature. Without using a powerpoint (and my God, how effective was that?!) he told us that schools don’t need more than three rules, and they don’t need children to have the sin beaten out of them by draconian punishments. Great behaviour management is counter-intuitive. Some kids will follow people first, and after that they’ll follow any rule you ask them to. It was music to my ears – a reminder that even in the hardest part of our job, there is great hope and ways to make a difference. Hopefully my students will see my visible consistency over the coming weeks.
Northern Rocks 2016

Finally, I witness @pivotalpaul and am simply stunned by the man’s deep understanding of behaviour and the complex web of issues that can affect children’s trust of the adult world. Paul’s explanation of counter-intuitive behaviour management is rooted in his understanding of human beings, and all I want to do is sit down and listen to all 150 of his podcasts in the vain hope that this will make me more like him.
Northern Rocks 2016

Pivotal training has really helped us develop and grow in confidence as a pupil referral service.  Working at the sharp end of behaviour can often be stressful.  The training has been empowering, innovative, fun and has brought us all together as a team.  Ultimately, the training delivers simple key messages that help drive us towards a happier and more productive learning environment.

Darren Lee
Wrexham PRU

The length of delivery was good for me. I also liked the fact that I had time to discuss the training after the session. Thank you Ollie.

Richard Cook
Lakes College

I feel that by embedding the Pivotal Curriculum we have a real opportunity to improve behaviour and achievement across the college


Thank you for a truly inspiring weekend. I feel confident that the training, support and fabulous materials will enable me to make a culture change in my college to benefit staff and students

Katie Sinfield
Barnet and Southgate College

The quality of delivery at the training was superb. There was a good balance between theory and how to deliver sessions practically


The best thing about the training course was the combination of working with experienced and skilled Pivotal staff, whilst also being with other professionals to share ideas and support one another. It was a perfect balance between challenge and development. I look forward to hearing about other events in the future


I have thoroughly enjoyed the two days and now feel well equipped to deliver Pivotal Training to colleagues within the school. The trainers were friendly and professional and made attendees feel at ease. There was a calm and relaxed atmosphere which reflected the Pivotal ethos perfectly

Lisa Thomas
Ystrad Mynach Primary School

The training materials are excellent. This is a very busy time in school so I am looking forward to reading the materials, both booklets and online materials, during the summer holidays so I am ready and prepared for the new academic year!

Jo Poole
Llanfabon Infants

Fantastic training. The curriculum and way it was delivered made me think differently about my practice and my understanding of those vulnerable children in my school. The content was excellent and skilfully modelled by course tutors. It has definitely changed my thinking. Thank you

Wendy Proctor
Keys Meadow Primary School

Both Paul and Ollie were hugely successful in getting across the clear message and ethos of the Pivotal Curriculum. Both had huge amounts of passion and enthusiasm which came across in abundance

Ros Protheroe

An effective training programme to ensure that when I plan and implement it within Northumberland College, I can feel confident with my individual performance. The training materials are easy to follow, have a variety of tasks to try out and are written to a high standard. All the instructors involved with the Pivotal training were extremely welcoming, encouraging and patient. I appreciated the amount of work that has clearly gone into their planning and delivery, and would like to thank them all for the experience.

Sharon Biggs
Northumberland College

Overall the training was excellent - interactive and entertaining to the extent that I just wanted to get back to school to get started! The camaraderie and being able to share experiences with other colleagues in similar settings was extremely useful. The interactive and entertaining nature of the training was very inspirational. I am going back into school determined to get the Pivotal messages across to the rest of the SLT and the staff. The course has given me the confidence required to drive this forwards. Thank you

Sarah Kieran
Christ’s School

One very beneficial part of the weekend was socialising with other like-minded delegates all enthusiastic about making the Pivotal Curriculum work in their different settings

Claire Sutton

The team were friendly and approachable team and answered all of our questions. I felt supported by them and would feel happy to ask them for support in the future

Heather Doyle
Ash Hill Academy

The training team were very well prepared and worked very well together. The delivery was very good. The handbooks and workbooks along with the online resources work very well together and mapping between each resource is very good. this helps with the delivery of the course.

Mark Thomas
Coleg y Cymoedd

The training was very worthwhile and had well-structured delivery. Highly experienced trainers who display the right balance of formal training in a welcoming environment. Good people facilitating quality training

Gareth Rogers
Halesowen College

The trainers made us feel very comfortable and allowed us to explore the manual and resources. They were knowledgeable and made the training fun, by using humour and real life examples we could all relate to

Kathryn Thompson
Elmete School

The training was highly informative and enjoyable. I look forward to delivering the same training to the staff at my school.

Helen Shepherd
Abertysswg Primary School

The quality of the training was excellent and inspiring - can't wait to get started

Angela Birkinshaw
Bronington VA Primary School

The quality of delivery was outstanding - the instructors were engaging, and there was a very good mix of activities and involvement on our learning. It was relevant, practical and most importantly about the child, a better environment to learn and a whole school culture. Thanks for an outstanding and inspirational training opportunity - really looking forward to introducing the Pivotal Curriculum in school

Paul Davies
Ysgol Llanddulas

The team were inspiring and so enthusiastic about the program. Upon returning to school I felt really enthusiastic and am looking forward to using the techniques. I feel that I learnt so much over the two days, I am really looking forward to putting the techniques into practice.

Lynda Jones
Ysgol Gwynedd

Inspirational instructors who engaged all participants in the Pivotal Curriculum. I’m excited to get started and implementing this fantastic curriculum throughout the school. I have already met with the SLT to discuss our next steps and how to begin collecting our data. The Monday staff meeting now involves working together to choose one thing we're going to target over the next 30 days. Thanks

Peri Murphy
Ysgol Nant Y Groes

The trainers were engaging, thought provoking and knowledgeable. Excellent toolkit of resources and materials which cater for a variety of delivery options

Leila Murton
Stretford High School

Really interesting training course, excellent presentation skills from the team as well as demonstrating their passion for Pivotal

Stuart Williams
The Lakes College

Brilliant Year 2 materials on Mental Health!

Jane Perkins (Year 2 Instructor)

This is a fantastic course led by inspirational trainers who engaged all participants in the Pivotal Curriculum.  I'm excited to get started!  I've already met with SLT to discuss next steps.

Peri Murphy

The quality of delivery of the Instructor training was outstanding. The trainers were engaging and there was a very good mix of activities.The programme is very clear and easily accessible.  The online material for the Curriculum and the podcast are a particularly useful resource.

Paul Davies

Enjoyable light hearted practical introduction to behavioural management in the school environment. Lively, passionate about his skill area with an engaging ability to share his wealth of real life situations

Gillian McAllister

Ollie was as good as I expected. The staff really liked his style and the content of the training. It feels like this is going to have a positive impact on the school! Amazingly inspiring and uplifting

Annabel Le Moine

Very knowledgeable and able to convey the importance of safeguarding children in a way that was mindful of the feelings of the audience when addressing such a sensitive subject.

Diane Edmonds
Selsdon Primary School

Very useful morning; I came away with ideas for improving behaviour for learning - especially Helen's suggestion that we as a college need to look at improving our rewards system for good behaviour for learning, along side the Learning Code that stresses how we deal with poor behaviour. Helen is warm, energetic and diplomatic; she put important learning across without being patronising or dictatorial. The training was relevant and accessible to a mixed audience of trainee and experienced teachers

Bernadette Griffin

Having a trainer who is enthusiastic about what she teaches made all the difference for me. Not boring at all. Very relevant to what we need to be doing as a whole school.

Wendy Walker

It reminds us we are human just like the child who stands in front of us. Helen Day is an asset to the education sector. More Helen Day training in the Brighton/Hastings area please

David Knight-Latter

The training was very informative. He was engaging and animated which helped to draw in the audience. thoroughly enjoyed the videos and engaging activities presented within the training. I felt Barry had a great understanding of the subject and had great examples and resources to support his presentation.

Elizabeth Okonkwo
Jobwise Training

Very engaging, Amazing people person, It was very informative and engaging and I look forward to the next session in the future

Feizal kholil
Jobwise Training

This is one of the best training sessions I have ever been to. It's nice to see such a fresh approach and to see someone come up with simple but effective ways that you can see will make such a big difference in a short space of time. The training was fun, informative and I was hooked from the very beginning all the way through to the end and found it really inspiring. It would be beneficial that every school had this training.

Alison Hogg
Wildridings Primary School

I enjoyed the training day immensely.  I would recommend our trainer Paul Dix in particular as he was knowledgeable and approachable, you really got the sense that he had been in the situation he was advising on.

Nicola Jackson
Wildridings Primary School

Barry's enthusiasm, humour and warmth made the course interesting and informative throughout. I liked how Barry got us working together as a team and I'll always remember the video of the outstanding drama class.

Joanne Davis

This was an engaging,thought-provoking and enjoyable session, He is a lively, knowledgeable character with a wicked sense of humour. This was my 4th training session from Pivotal with La Jolie Ronde and it is always fun, with something new each time.

Vicky Sivell

an easy flowing, highly current session, delivered with a light touch but containing important messages laying out our commitments and responsibilities. our trainer was approachable, engaging, open minded and highly experienced

Steve Shepherd
Bishop Burton College

I think that Barry is an asset to the company and feedback from colleagues post training suggests that everyone is in agreement. He certainly adds value and allows us to enjoy a session, despite the topic.

Reza Mosavian
City College Coventry

Excellent session, with good examples of practice and good level of audience participation.

Andrea Chattaway
North Nottinghamshire College

The subject matter was rather upsetting to a (rather emotional) mum of 2 small children. Barry was instinctively aware of our emotions and endeavoured to steer us through the course in a empathetic way. One of Barry's messages from the day "the child comes first" will remain with me always.

Lucy Thomas

An excellent training day on a new aspect of safeguarding subjects that needs focus and diligence. A very good day indeed. An eye opening experience.

Kerry Hicken

Paul Dix you are really INSPIRING. I have never enjoyed learning as I did this day, thanks.

Samar Tawakol

The course was really outstanding in identifying key features of behaviour management and whole school approaches /management. Really looking forward to further training and thanks for an enjoyable, thought provoking and inspirational course.

Paul Davies
Ysgol Llanddulas

Presented very clear and important messages that everybody, involved with children, should hear. Presented in a fun and amusing way.

Haf Williams
Ysgol Deganwy

It was heartening to recognise that some of the strategies we already use were acknowledged. I didn't feel that I am doing it all wrong but additional shared experiences made me connect with the Pivotal methods and some simple, easy to address ideas were given to try. Thank you very much we are looking forward to trying our best to inspire our colleagues.

Kate Richards
Ysgol Nant Y Groes

Useful reflection, reminder and further development of positivity in the class room 

Keith Morrison
Millbrook Academy

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would definitely recommend it to a friend and book on to future training sessions."

Danielle Andrews

"The training was innovative and gave me new ways in which to deal with behaviour issues."

Elizabeth Jobson

"The behaviour INSET was so inspiring. The delivery was outstanding. I really feel that this session has changed my way of thinking the way I approach behaviour in the classroom."

Ellie Myers