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Too Late?

Written by Paul Dix.


Abigail is forever late.

She walks in with a mumbled apology, provides the requisite scribbled note from Mum “Soz, late xx” and takes her place. Some days it is 5 minutes, more often 10 and recently up to 30. The data shows that this term Abigail has only arrived on time twice. Other children are starting to notice, to question, to pass comment. The front office have become accustomed to welcoming Abigail, other staff have mentioned it over coffee and the Head has started to tut when the attendance data for your class is published.

In all other respects Abigail is fantastic. She is a polite, hard working, diligent child. In many ways she appears to be as exasperated with her punctuality as you are. When questioned she tells you that she is always up early, dressed and ready on time, but she is always waiting for Mum.

What will you do next…

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© Paul Dix


1 thought on “Too Late?

  1. C was definitely my way. These children like Abigail should NEVER be held accountable or sanctioned for parental issues. If anything the whole form would benefit from the knowledge that they will held accountable for THEIR OWN actions but NOT be accountable for other’s actions. This, as a whole class moto from the start will minimalise the thought/vocal ‘ It’s not fair’ culture and educate our students to think outside the box. It teaches them to gain ‘realisation’ of further possibilities or probabilities that could be very much assosciated within their own lives last or present. The parental approach led by the right person would be possibly the help that parent requires. I live it…it works most of the time.

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