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Tracking behaviour: An idea using post-it notes

Below is the excellent contribution that Emma Webb, a Taking Care of Behaviour Course delegate, has agreed to share with other teachers.


I have a bottom set year 11 group that I see 5 times a week… which is also my dreaded nightmare double period on a Friday afternoon group! The group have had a series of supply teachers over the past 3 years and when I began teaching them in June, had real trust issues with having ‘me’, yet another new teacher! There really were understandably some behaviour issues.

What I did:

After the initial “oh my god I can’t cope with this” feeling, I knew I desperately needed to do something. In the end after trying to persevere with the school discipline policy and listening to other staff telling what needed to be done and not done, I decided to go it alone… and just talk to them.

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