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Trick or Treat OR Meet and Greet?

Jo Cunningham: Client Manager

Trick or treating; something that most children do on the 31st October. A tradition or perhaps a routine that is instilled in children from when they are young. Every year, the shops fill with ghoulish costumes, sweets and spooky decorations to excite and amaze.

As a result, children develop and hold an expectation of what is going to occur. Positive memories reinforced by repetition help to form associations and fulfil children’s expectations of what will happen, especially in the case of Halloween.

Yes, Halloween has an added bonus for children with the promise of sweets, but it is the routine element of this annual event that creates ties with Pivotal. As I am sure many followers of Pivotal are aware, ‘Relentless Routines’ is the third of the five pillars of pivotal practice. We encourage the use of routines to create consistency in a school.

We have two routines that many Pivotal schools have taken on board and seen results from that could be added in to any school overnight.

Hot Chocolate Friday; the acknowledgement for a student or group of students that have gone ‘over and above’ to spend 15 minutes with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Children who would perhaps not find themselves in the headteachers’ office, for good reason, get the chance to spend time with the Head.

Meet and Greet- who would have thought that standing at the door every morning shaking student’s hands would have such a large impact? Although this may seem alien to most students for the first week, in some schools people race to be at the front of the queue.

What routines do you have in your classroom?

Happy Halloween! 👻

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