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Whole school and college behaviour issues – PP4

This time, the topic of the week is whole school and college behaviour issues.


This week, Kevin and Paul discuss the ‘big’ issues in behaviour management for schools and colleges.

  • How do schools in crisis turn begin to turn the corner?
  • What effect does consistency amongst the adults in a school or college have on behaviour?
  • How can reward systems be turned into more positive recognition systems – particularly for FE colleges?
All thse questions and many more are addressed by Paul.
We also learn why Paul keeps a £20 note in his travelling kit and the power of a single sheet of A4 in transforming a school or college’s behaviour strategy.
It’s a packed episode so listen carefully!
Paul’s National College talk (a free membership of the National College is required to listen)


  • Paul is speaking at the Babcock 4S Secondary NQT Conference on Saturday 30th November 2013 in GUildford, UK
  • Early notification – Improving discipline, raising attendance and boosting achievement – a conference by Teachology – 7th February, 2014, London, UK

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