Whole School Behaviour Change

How to achieve whole school behaviour change

Organisations that want to successfully embed behaviour change must go through three stages – Define, Train and Sustain.


What? Establish your vision for behaviour. Simplify the structures, policies and procedures that impact whole school behaviour. Define visible staff behaviours. Make sure that processes and systems are easy for staff to follow and remember.

How?  Behaviour HealthcheckBehaviour Blueprint

Who? Senior Leaders


What? Whole staff behaviour change training. Focus on adult mindset and building a culture of outstanding behaviour. Training persuades adults of the approach and provide simple, practical routines and habits to embed.

How?  Whole school INSET

Who? Full staff


What? Developing expertise in behaviour on your current team. Creating capacity on your staff team to train, support, coach and mentor staff on an ongoing basis. Creating behaviour champions to inspire and lead whole school behaviour change.

How?  Pivotal Curriculum Instructor Training

Who? Identified behaviour champions

Book a Whole School Behaviour Change Package

Let Pivotal lead you through every step of the ‘Define, Train, Sustain’ process with our Whoosh or Soar behaviour packages.

By booking a whole school behaviour change package, you save money and increase value. Your own dedicated training team and a cohesive, tailored approach to achieving outstanding behaviour in your school.

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Define: Behaviour Blueprint Training for Senior Leaders

The Behaviour Blueprint online training package enables your senior leaders to define what you want behaviour to look like within your organisation. You will create a single A4 sheet that is the bridge between your weighty behaviour policy and daily behaviour practice around the site.  Your Behaviour Blueprint will underpin and support the subsequent work with full staff – simplifying policy to transform practice and giving a solid foundation for whole school behaviour change.


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Get a free taste of the Behaviour Blueprint training


The simple framework that will allow you to map out and define the adult behaviours you want to see – the first step to achieving whole school behaviour change.

Paul Dix will show you the main pitfalls to avoid and share the one secret that will change the culture of your school in two weeks.

Free Video and Template for Senior Leaders

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Train: Looking for Behaviour Management INSET?

Improve classroom management skills and provide a powerful catalyst for a transformation in culture, through Pivotal behaviour management training.

Help your staff to develop truly consistent behaviour practice to enable whole school behaviour change.  Inspire and motivate staff to change and improve: even those staff who are the most entrenched in their own cycles of negative behaviour.

Book training for all staff in all aspects of behaviour management and classroom management, working with the angry learner, restorative practices, mental health, and special educational needs. Tailored training is available for senior leaders and middle leaders as well as full staff. Let us advise you on how you go about achieving whole school behaviour change.

Increase impact and sustainability by booking a training and support package : LiftWhoosh and Soar! Find out about the Pivotal Approach to Behaviour Management.

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Ollie Frith: Head of Training

Looking for INSET at the start of term?
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Sustain: Train your own in-house Instructor to embed behaviour change


Investing in Pivotal Instructor training has been the best use of our CPD budget.

Sarah Kieran

Let us train one or more members of staff to be Licensed Pivotal Instructors. Your Licensed Instructor can deliver the Pivotal Curriculum for Behaviour and Safety to your colleagues. We train the instructor intensively and support them continually.

We have a three year programme or a fast track programme – you can choose the option that fits best with your priorities and budget.

The model is utterly flexible and sustainable. It allows you to develop a consistency of practice across the whole staff and to run training whenever you need it. New staff can be trained exactly the same way that current staff have been.

This blended approach combines training led by your in-house Instructor with self-paced online modules to allow you to create a flexible programme of CPD that works for your school or college. Embed the Pivotal approach and achieve whole organisation behaviour change.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Read these case studies to find out about whole-organisation behaviour change during and after Pivotal Projects in primary, secondary and FE.

Primary School Case Study

Hugh Myddleton Primary School in London have experienced a transformation of behaviour. In their recent Outstanding Ofsted report, behaviour was cited as ‘impeccable’.

Look at the data and read the case study to see how the Pivotal Approach was embedded.

Read the Case Study

Secondary School Case Study

The headteacher of Enfield Secondary Tuition Centre, PRU, talks about the massive change that occured in her previous school during and after the Pivotal behaviour project.

Read the story to learn about the school’s journey and the long-term impact of the approach.

Read the Case Study

FE College Case Study

Oldham Sixth Form College has embedded the Pivotal Approach across all staff, demonstrating the impact of the the Pivotal training model in further education.

Read the story, look at the data and listen to their in-house Pivotal Instructors on the podcast.

Read the Case Study

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