Behaviour Management Coaching

Pivotal Behaviour Coaching is used to:

  • Support staff who are struggling to manage behaviour and need the personal support and focus on individual needs that one-to-one coaching offers.
  • Work intensively with staff in one faculty, department or year group to create a model of best practice in behaviour that can be replicated across the organisation.

Coaching staff who need additional support

Our coaches are experts in their field who have a measurable and immediate impact on the teachers/lecturers they work with. They have succeeded in very challenging environments and are able to translate their experience so that it is perfectly in context. Pivotal Coaches offer subtle observation, confidentiality in the coaching relationship and practical, immediately useful strategies.

Coaching is a combination of observation, feedback and supported teaching.  Pivotal coaches will observe teaching in a discreet way.  We never intervene in the running of the class and always adopt a low status.  When we work with your staff we leave them motivated and enthusiastic to try out new strategies. Our behaviour coaches are skilled at balancing their guidance; identifying the strategies that are working while encouraging colleagues to reflect on their own practice. It is our job to ensure that the process is a positive experience.

The coaching relationship is confidential. This is vital if there is to be trust between the two parties. What is discussed between teacher and coach is not reported verbatim to senior managers. Instead they are given feedback on the positive outcomes of the coaching.

Pivotal’s agenda is solely to help colleagues improve their management of behaviour. We do not accept work that involves evidence gathering for competences. We are not inspectors and have no desire to add to the burden of observations.


Creating a model of best practice

Staff training days create a real buzz. There is a palpable sense of excitement and opportunity and staff speak of how inspired they have been by the trainer. But how long does this buzz last? Who is driving forward change and helping staff to put into action everything they learned on the training day?  Without a plan for sustaining training, the impact of even the most outstanding training days may be short-lived. This is where Pivotal Behaviour Coaching comes into play.

We visit organisations after full staff training to work with one faculty or department intensively to create a model of best practice. Coaching revisits and cements ideas and strategies from the initial training. The Pivotal Coach observes lessons, team-teaches, mentors the head of department, sits in on meetings, looks at the environment and the signage and drills down into the heart of behaviour practice in the department – the consistent learning attitudes, routines, rewards and sanctions.

The result is that you are left with one faculty that is a model for the rest of the organisation, where procedures are tight, were staff are demonstrating outstanding behaviour and where the environment supports this. The staff from this department can then help SLT to roll this out across the whole staff body. It is a cost effective and high impact model that allows the initial training to be sustained well into the years to come.


All behaviour coaching is entirely bespoke and tailored to your needs and desired outcomes.
Please contact us to discuss how we can assist your organisation.