Behaviour Management E-Mentoring

Behaviour Management E-Mentoring allows teachers to establish a dialogue with a Pivotal trainer. The member of staff sends emails to the trainer outlining current challenges and issues they are facing and our trainer responds with specific ideas and strategies that they can try. This often works well with one-to-one behaviour coaching, but should not restrict staff. Staff are able to establish a working relationship with an expert behaviour trainer.


E-mentoring enables ongoing support that is flexible and bespoke. And this allows teachers and leaders to get as much support as they need in a private environment.

There is a problem with seeking behaviour management advice from colleagues. While you may want to have open and honest discussions, there is often the feeling that by asking for help you are exposing a lack of skill to your peers. Asking a senior colleague for advice carries even more risk. Teachers may be brave enough to ask for support once or twice – but any more and we sense the guidance may come with judgement.

Newly qualified teachers a long way from home need practical advice immediately. In organisations where Behaviour Management skills are rarely discussed, E-mentoring offers discretion, support and honesty when it’s desired. Mentoring is done by the hour by individuals or for groups of staff within schools and colleges. All e-mentoring is entirely bespoke and tailored to each individual’s needs and desired outcomes.

“Helen was so helpful on a number of issues. The e mentoring experience has been very positive and given the amount of time spent on each of my questions. Good value too. Thank you so much for this service, it has helped us get over a difficult patch.”

Siusaidh NicNeill, Plockton Primary School

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