Behaviour Management Consultancy

Pivotal Education offers consultancy on behaviour management and behaviour improvement.  Our consultancy’s focused on developing excellent learning climates and cultures.
A Pivotal consultant will work closely with you.  Consultancy will consist of:
  • on-site visits,
  • lesson observation,
  • learning walks, participation/observation of meetings,
  • discussion with learners, teachers and other stakeholders.

Your consultant will perform a thorough audit of the behaviour management policy, practice and procedures of the organisation and will provide detailed and prioritised recommendations for improvements.


Behaviour Management Consultancy:Pivotal Behaviour Healthcheck Badge
  • Finds and addresses the issues and problems surrounding behaviour management. Analysing key strengths and recognising areas of improvement.
  • Looks at the culture of the organisation and the communication of key ‘mission statements’.
  • Helps you to develop processes and effective policies that enable outstanding behaviour at all levels.
  • Improves performance through establishing shared culture, refining systems and sharpening strategy.
Pivotal work alongside leaders and teachers to accelerate change around the site, in the classroom and with the students.
For more information on our Behaviour Healthchecks and our Safeguarding Healthchecks.

Pivotal Safeguarding Healthcheck BadgeRecommendations

At the end of the day, the Pivotal behaviour management consultant can provide verbal feedback to SLT in a meeting, if required. This will be followed by a short written report within 3 days of the visit. The report will detail:

1) points for immediate action

2) improvements to make in the medium term

3) areas of good practice.

All behaviour management consultancy is bespoke and tailored to your needs and desired outcomes.  Please contact us to discuss how we can assist your organisation.