Pivotal Behaviour INSET

Whole staff behaviour INSET changes hearts and minds. Pivotal training gives staff a consistent approach, centred around simple, practical ideas and provides a catalyst for a transformation in culture. Learn more about the Pivotal Approach to Behaviour Management.
You can book behaviour INSET for full staff, middle leaders and senior leaders.


Pivotal Education INSET

The Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice

  1. Consistent, calm adult behaviour
  2. First attention for best conduct
  3. Relentless routines
  4. Scripting difficult interventions
  5. Restorative follow up

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Book behaviour INSET as part of a Pivotal Package

Increase impact and sustainability by booking a training and support package. Pivotal behaviour INSET for all staff is included in the Pivotal Lift, Whoosh and Soar Packages.

Lift! Package

Day 1 Snapshot (health check) + full staff behaviour INSET + NQT Support

Whoosh! Package

Behaviour Blueprint (SLT training) + Whoosh & Pledge (full staff behaviour INSET) + Pivotal Curriculum (Instructor training) + NQT Support

Soar! Package

Day 1 Snapshot (healthcheck) + Behaviour Blueprint (SLT training) + Whoosh & Pledge (full staff behaviour INSET) + Pivotal Curriculum (Instructor training) + Middle Leader Powerhouse (specialist behaviour INSET) + Extreme Focus (advanced behaviour INSET) + Team Coach (coaching project) + NQT Support

Call the Pivotal office on 020 70001735 to talk through your options and let us advise you on the package most suitable to your objectives and your staff.

Tailored packages can be designed to suit your desired outcomes, your budget and your setting.

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How to get the best out of live training

Listen to Pivotal Podcast episode 94 now where Ollie Frith talks about how to get the most out of Behaviour INSET. Read the show notes.

Behaviour INSET

Behaviour INSET

Pivotal Behaviour INSET

Pivotal Behaviour INSET

Advanced Behaviour INSET

The Angry Learner

  • Triggers, escalation, crisis, recovery, post crisis depression.
  • How to spot (and help learners spot) the approach of anger.
  • Using assertive language and non-verbal behaviours to be less threatening.
  • Anger management strategies and approaches to working with problem anger.


Restorative Practices

  • Why punishment doesn’t work and why restorative justice is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Restorative attitude, responses and cultures.
  • How to remove detention or punitive punishment and replace it with reparation.
  • Restorative conversations and the six restorative questions.


Managing Extreme Behaviour

  • Understanding the relationship between learning and behaviour.
  • Proactive and reactive strategies for managing learners with extremely challenging behaviour.
  • Practical strategies for building trust with the hard to reach.
  • Introducing complex behaviour needs.

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Safeguarding & Mental Health INSET 

Pivotal Education has outstanding specialists in Safeguarding and Mental Health on the training team.

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Safeguarding Training: Book full staff training (level 2 equivalent) or training for Designated Safeguarding Leads (level 3 equivalent).

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Mental Health Training: Book training for all staff to improve mental health awareness and whole school approaches.

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Read a Pivotal Story

Fochriw Primary School

The Pivotal programme has had a massive impact on behaviour in school. Children are developing a more responsible, thoughtful attitude towards how they behave and conduct themselves.

We have noticed there is a much calmer atmosphere in school. There has also been a more noticeable change in staff; there is a greater sense of solidarity as we are now all reading from the same page. Read more.

“The behaviour INSET was so inspiring. The delivery was outstanding. I really feel that this session has changed my way of thinking the way I approach behaviour in the classroom.”

Ellie Myers

“Pivotal training has really helped us develop and grow in confidence as a pupil referral service. Working at the sharp end of behaviour can often be stressful. The training has been empowering, innovative, fun and has brought us all together as a team. Ultimately, the training delivers simple key messages that help drive us towards a happier and more productive learning environment.”

Darren Lee
Wrexham PRU