Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental Health is somehow still a taboo subject even though we have more and more young people suffering from Mental Health issues every year in the UK. 1 in 10 young people every year in the UK suffer from mental illness. Its a crisis that we need to tackle. How do we effectively tackle any crisis? Through education and training. It is our job to change attitudes and awareness.

The Pivotal Mental Health awareness programme takes a very proactive approach to supporting children with possible MH issues. It is not enough to simply reel off risk factors of each mental health issue and tell staff to spot the signs, we must take a better and more educated approach to the issue in order to create real change. The best training courses are those that are designed to be inspiring, engaging, informative, practical and sustainable.

In order to make this mental health training effective we have to address the issue from different angles. Mental illness is not simply a matter for psychologists to consider, there are many things that adults working in the education sector can do to support people affected by a mental illness.

Your mental health awareness training programme will:

  • Help you to understand the social issues and stigma surrounding Mental Health.
  • Change your perception of mental illness: Not a personality trait but a physical problem.
  • Teach you how trauma affects a child’s brain and behaviours
  • Explore common adverse childhood experiences and their affect on a child’s mental health.
  • Explain the referral process and provision across agencies for mental health.
  • Share research and information on specific Mental Health issues and how to identify them. Including Attachment Disorder, Eating Disorders & Self-Harm.
  • Practical tips about supporting young people suffering mental health issues.
  • Give you structure for developing relationships and assisting recovery.
  • Provide information about therapeutic practices.
  • Help you create a culture of honesty surrounding Mental Health issues.

At the end of this programme many adults will look at mental health in a completely different way. But the sustainable part of the training is that we encourage practitioners to be open with young people about these issues and give them tools in which to engage with them in this topic area. Identifying the need and being able to discuss it with a young person has already removes stigma and misconception around mental illness.

You will have the opportunity to create pledges and hands on policies that can start a cultural change.  We need to put mental health on an equal footing as physical health.

And yes we can achieve all of this in one day!

All our training agendas are tailored to your needs and desired outcomes. Please fill in the form below to make an enquiry.