Behaviour Training for Senior Leaders

Train your Senior Leadership Team about how to lead behaviour change across the organisation.

Learn how to create an outstanding behaviour policy that supports practice. The team will pull apart the policy and consider what it says about the organisation, how easy it is to follow and whether it enables staff to achieve consistent practice. The focus will be on how to simplify the policy to transform practice.

Create your Behaviour Blueprint

The Behaviour Blueprint online training package enables your senior leaders to define what you want behaviour to look like within your organisation. You will create a single A4 sheet that is the bridge between your weighty behaviour policy and daily behaviour practice around the site.  Your Behaviour Blueprint will underpin and support the subsequent work with full staff – simplifying policy to transform practice.


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The simple framework that will allow you to map out and define the adult behaviours you want to see

Paul Dix will show you the main pitfalls to avoid and share the one secret that will change the culture of your school in two weeks.

Free Video and Template for Senior Leaders

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Get a free behaviour policy review

Upload your behaviour policy and we'll review it and send you some video feedback within 10-15 days.
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Leading Behaviour Change courses with Paul Dix

  • Learn about the Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice and how they help you to achieve a calm school. (More about the Pivotal Approach to Behaviour Management).
  • Discover how to create and embed pure consistency of behaviour.
  • Understand why managing staff behaviour is your first priority
  • Create a ‘Behaviour Blueprint’ to form the bridge between behaviour policy and practice in your school.

When the adults change, everything changes.

Dates and Booking Information

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INSET for Senior Leaders

You can book a trainer to come to your school or college and work directly with your senior leadership team.  Our training often includes:

Using policy to frame adult behaviour

  • Using your behaviour management policy to support your expectations of adult behaviour
  • Creating problem-solvers, not process monkeys

Creating a blueprint for behaviour (a one-page document, referred to daily)

  • Simplifying rules and establishing a consistent language for behaviour
  • Embedding and defining key consistencies
  • Setting the culture for behaviour across the academy – focus on recognition rather than material reward, making learners feel valued, developing trusting working relationships

Managing staff behaviour

  • The impact of adult behaviour on learner behaviour
  • A simple, yet powerful set of consistencies for all staff to follow
  • Managing tricky teachers: breaking patterns of entrenched behaviour
SLT Training forms part of our Whoosh! and Soar! Packages.  Training can also be booked separately.


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