Lift! Package

LiftYou’re here because you are interested in booking behaviour management INSET or training for your CPD day.  We’ve been providing behaviour training for over 15 years and we’d be happy to deliver INSET to your staff too.

We have created a one-day training programme based around the Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice. This programme is designed to change hearts and minds – we will win over even the most disillusioned members of staff.

Experienced staff will get many new insights and a few useful reminders, while newer staff will gain direction and essential skills. All staff will see the path to calm, consistent behaviour.

Our ‘Lift’ programme combines our one day ‘Pillars’ training with a service we call ‘Day 1 Snapshot’.

You can do stand-alone training, but how will you evaluate its effectiveness? Post-training evaluations help us to see how well received training was by staff, but tell us little about the improvements to practice made a result of the training.

The Day 1 Snapshot gives us a baseline by which to measure improvements.  Prior to training we will :

  • Review your behaviour policy and provide a 10-15 minute feedback video
  • Examine your recent internal behaviour data
  • Conduct anonymous online staff and student surveys – to build up a picture of attitudes to behaviour management.
  • Send a specialist Pivotal consultant on site to provide a full behaviour healthcheck.

All of this information will be collated into your Day 1 Snapshot – giving you a clear indication of the strengths of the organisation and the areas of behaviour that need more work.

The Lift Package is perfect for schools and colleges that wish to tweak current practice. It is also a good place to start if you are new to Pivotal training. You can always upgrade to a Whoosh or Soar package after your staff training.

If you know you are going to require more of a cultural shift and a tight focus on embedding consistent practice across all staff, then you should take a look at the Whoosh or Soar packages now.