Soar! Package

SoarOur Soar package is designed for schools and colleges who need a complete transformation in the culture and structure of behaviour.  This is our most comprehensive package.

The Soar package takes you through three stages: 1) Establishing a solid foundation, 2) refining and improving behaviour and 3) sustaining long term behaviour change.  The Soar programme combines:

We start with the Day 1 Snapshot. This gives us a baseline by which to measure improvements.  Prior to training we will:

  • Review your behaviour policy and provide a 10-15 minute feedback video
  • Examine your recent internal behaviour data
  • Conduct anonymous online staff and student surveys – to build up a picture of attitudes to behaviour management.
  • Send a specialist Pivotal consultant on site to provide a full behaviour healthcheck.

The Behaviour Blueprint training enables your senior leaders to define what you want behaviour to look like within your organisation. Your Pivotal trainer will work with you to create a single A4 sheet that is the bridge between your weighty behaviour policy and daily behaviour practice around the site.  Your Behaviour Blueprint will underpin and support the subsequent work with full staff – simplifying policy to transform practice.

All staff will attend one-day training programme based around the Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice. This is an ideal opportunity to launch your simplified Behaviour Blueprint.  Pivotal trainers are very skilled at changing hearts and minds – we will win over even the most disillusioned members of staff – staff who themselves may be entrenched in negative patterns of behaviour. Your staff will see the path to calm, consistent behaviour.

Your middle leaders will get training especially tailored to them. This training focuses on how you lead behaviour change in your department – how you realise the vision of the senior leadership team and support staff who may be struggling to manage behaviour.  Middle leaders are the powerhouse of the organisation – this training enables them to drive change throughout all areas of the school or college.

A few months after your whole staff training you may find that the behaviour of 95% of learners has improved enormously, but the 5% – your most difficult learners – may not yet have modified their behaviour.  This is normal – it takes longer to reach some learners than others. Some learners need differentiated approaches to behaviour.  The Soar Package includes advanced training on managing extreme behaviour – for this reason.

The Soar Package also includes two places on the Pivotal Curriculum Instructor Training course.  We will train an Instructor within your school or college to train and support colleagues on an on-going basis.  These Instructors are the secret ingredient to long-term behaviour change.  By intensive and continual training and support your instructors increase the capacity you have for internal behaviour support.  Your in-house instructors will train your colleagues whenever you need. We have an animated video that explains more about how the programme works – you can find a link below this video.  It is important that you select the right people to become your Instructors, so we’ve created a person specification to help you be as successful as possible.

The Soar Package is perfect for schools and colleges that need a total transformation of behaviour – policy, practice, culture and structure.