Whoosh! Package

WhooshOur Whoosh package is designed for schools and colleges who need a shift in the culture of behaviour.  You will establish a solid foundation for outstanding behaviour and be given the tools by which to sustain and develop your transformation.

The Whoosh package combines our senior leaders Behaviour Blueprint training with full staff training an on-site behaviour healthcheck and the Pivotal Curriculum Instructor programme.

The Behaviour Blueprint training enables your senior leaders to define what you want behaviour to look like within your organisation. Your senior team works through our online package to create a single A4 sheet that is the bridge between your weighty behaviour policy and daily behaviour practice around the site.  Your Behaviour Blueprint will underpin and support the subsequent work with full staff – simplifying policy to transform practice.

The aim of the full staff ‘Whoosh’ training is to change hearts and minds. This high-energy, interactive half-day is designed to win over even the most battle-hardened teachers and those entrenched in the ‘them and us’ culture.  Your Pivotal trainer will introduce your staff to the Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice, giving clear practical examples of how to shift culture in your classroom and across the site.  There will be a clear focus how to managing adult behaviour and develop emotional control to influence the behaviour of learners.

At the end of the training, all staff will pledge to change one aspect of behaviour over then next 30 days. This collective pledge gets staff to stand side by side, to change practice together as a team.

Crucially, the Whoosh Package also includes two places on the Pivotal Curriculum Instructor Training course.  We train Instructors within your school or college to train and support colleagues on an on-going basis.  These Instructors are the secret ingredient to long-term behaviour change.  By intensive and continual training and support these instructors increase your capacity for internal behaviour support.  Your in-house instructors will train your colleagues whenever you need. We have an animated video that explains more about how the programme works – you can find a link below this video.  It is important that you select the right people to become your Instructors, so we’ve created a person specification to help you be as successful as possible.

The Whoosh Package is perfect for schools and colleges that really need to transform behaviour policy and practice. This package is front-loaded with Pivotal support – we are the catalyst for behaviour change.

If you are interested in additional behaviour support – middle leaders training, extreme behaviour training and coaching for one department – you can either book these elements separately as you wish, or you might like to consider upgrading to a Soar Package – which is our most comprehensive behaviour package for schools who need a complete transformation of behaviour.